My name is Eryn and I am a full time dog walker/pet care specialist!

I am 32 years old, live in Ontario Canada and work in the SWO area.

I work at least 6 days a week and here I am hoping to blog about my experiences every day!

I started this job in Oct 2012 and it changed my life! It changed my health (physical and mental), it changed my finances and it changed my expectations around how fulfilling my work life can be. Previous to this job I was working at an insurance company for three years and the bureaucratic environment put me in therapy. I was anxious all the time, stressed and angry due to inefficient company procedures, drama among coworkers and unrealistic deadlines. I have Crohn’s Disease and too much stress or anxiety can exacerbate symptoms and make me seriously physically ill. Since I began dog walking my health has improved drastically and my body has gone from a size 14 to a size 8 due to all the walking! I see a chiropractor and osteopath once a month to keep things in check and this combination of paramedical assistance really works for me!

When I was let go from that company I took a personality/workplace assessment test and it told me that my ideal job was a CEO. HA! That’s hilarious to read when you were just fired from a large profitable international insurance provider. Once I got my resume together I applied to work at a local dog walking company as an independent contractor. I had previously worked at a pet supply store and I had previously owned rabbits, cats, dogs and one beta fish. 🙂 I have a diploma in Social Work and a degree in Sociology so I was able to prove that I was somewhat responsible and had some time management skills. My boss Mandy at the time was impressed with my combination of pet and people skills so I was hired on the spot at my first interview! I was hesitant to take the job as I was not sure how it would work financially. Taxes are different when you are self employed and have a home business. I have to chart my gas expenses, mileage, office supply purchases and other supplies for my job (shoes, boots, coats etc.). Mandy provides us with dog treats, poop bags (yes I will be typing to word poop a lot on this blog) and all of the tennis balls we want to throw for the pooches! We are also provided with stationary because after every visit we leave a note outlining our adventures that day!

The best thing about my job besides the love I get from my clients everyday is that I get to make my own schedule! I have an area that I work in that revolves around where I live so I am never too far from home and I get to set my own hours. I tell Mandy how many visits I want in a day and if I need a day off or have an apt, my schedule works around me. I work between the hours of 8am to 8pm and there are always last minute requests for walks due to emergencies, traffic jams or last minute dates. 🙂 I can always say no to these but to be honest, I get paid per visit so I usually say yes! Seriously though, who else has a job where the majority of their clients are ALWAYS happy to see them?

At home I have two cats and a dog Chester! You will probably see a lot of pics of him as he comes with me almost everyday depending on the weather – he hates the rain! He is five years old and is a beagle/basset hound mix. He is my favourite thing in the whole world and makes my job much more interesting/eventful! 🙂 He pouts any day that I leave without him and he loves the phrase “Want to go see some puppies?”.

Tomorrow is a Saturday and a rare day off for me. I am going to the dealership to get new tires put on my car which I am actually super excited about! It is also free comic book day so me and my partner Thomas will probably swing by the local comic store to see what’s new. 🙂